a man enjoying a ciar

Common Mistakes When Smoking Cigars

Cigar smoking is a fun, pleasurable, and relaxing experience. The feeling you get is even better if you know how to smoke the right way. However, some smokers commit avoidable mistakes which end up taking away the element of fun from the smoking ruining the overall experience.

Purchasing fake cigars is one of the commonly made mistakes. Buying from any other vendor who claims to have a mate in Honduras can only spoil your smoking experience. The best cigars are always obtained from reputable sellers.

Below are some other common mistakes you should avoid when smoking cigars:

Holding the Cigar with Your Teeth

a man holding a cigar with teethMany people like biting the cigar with their teeth to hold it while smoking because it makes them look like pro smokers. While this habit might seem cool, it is not a good way to enjoy your cigar. Your cigar gets wet quickly, and also a lot of tobacco goes to waste because you cannot help but constantly puff when holding the cigar with your mouth. For the best experience, hold the cigar with your hands in between the smoking.

Inhaling Instead of Puffing

Some smokers think that inhaling cigar smoke instead of puffing is the best way to enjoy cigarettes. However, this is not the case. Cigarette smoke is enjoyed best when it is puffed. When you inhale it, you can end up coughing uncontrollably. For an amazing cigarette experience, draw the cigar slowly to your mouth, hold it in your mouth, take a puff letting feeling the smoke in your mouth for a moment, and then slowly expel it out.

Not Optimally Pacing Yourself

a cigar smoker pacing himselfIf you do not pace yourself in the right way while smoking, you can hate your cigar smoking experience. Smoking too fast gets to have a sick feeling while doing it too slowly wastes a lot of precious tobacco. For optimal pacing, take a puff every 30 seconds to one minute while rotating the cigar after a few puffs so that the cigar burns evenly.

Sticking with a Single Cigar Type

Regularly smoking a kind of a cigar kills the fun in cigar smoking. Some smokers think associating themselves with one big cigar brand is cool, but there is a lot they miss. Cigars come in various shapes and sizes and with different tobacco blends. Limiting yourself to one type means you miss others, which can even be better.