Top Three Conspiracy Theories that Will Blow Your Mind

Being critical of the established authorities and institutions have turned out to be both good and bad at the same time. A person with an inquisitive mind will seek for the answers of any topic about which he/she is curious, and that pure intention can bring a person to discover conspiracy theories.

In this writing, we will learn the top three mind-blowing conspiracy theories. The purpose is not to take them seriously, but just for entertainment.

Illuminati conspiracy

IlluminatiThe articles, podcast, and videos explaining how a secret organization called the Illuminati is controlling the world have been regulating on the Internet since forever. It roots from the real secret society of inventors, scientists, and visionaries who held a secular belief for their life.

Adam Weishaupt founded the secret society in the 17th century of German. They did want to gain political power over governments across Europe, but they were not successful enough to reach that goal. Illuminati also intermingles and coexist with another secret society, Freemasonry. Since then, both names are famous for their secrecy and are suspected to be responsible for many historical events in the world.

George Washington of America addressed the issue of this secret society in the late of 18th century. He believed that Illuminati had infiltrated the government, and managed to bring threat to the States.

Area 51

Area 51Area 51 came to popularity when in 1947, a sighting of a mysterious object falling from the sky was reported in Roswell. First, the sheriff took the case, but later on, a whole squad with armored vehicles was coming to the place to secure the miscellaneous debris. And the rumor was that the government was researching extraterrestrial being who had reached Earth.

In 1995, the narrative got boiled even hotter by the spread of alien autopsy video. Workers and civilians around the site of the falling UFO began to feel abnormal. Their health became deteriorating, and their cattle started to behave strangely.

With the release of the most recent authorized U.S. documents, we know that the government did allocate some money (approximately 22 million USD) for UFO research. But the name stands for Unidentified Flying Objects, and at that time, U.S. was in a race to develop warfare technology with the Soviet Union. Therefore, UFO stands most rationally for the technologically advanced stealth airplanes.

There was a hidden secret in Area 51, but it is most likely to be related to military research than extraterrestrial life.

Flat Earth

FLAT EARTHThe top conspiracy theory ever is the claim of Earth to be flat rather than spherical. The believers of this theory even held a seminar to gain more followers and reaffirm their belief.

Flat-earthers argue that the globe shape of Earth is just a lie invented by the media and NASA. World governments want their citizens not to visit the edge of the world. Flat-earthers believe that most of the world military is allocated to protect the ‘border’ on the end-sides of flat Earth.