Why LED Grow Lights Are Better

With a set of grow lights, growing a wide variety of plants indoors is a possibility. You can have your favorite ingredients for your vegetable salad, spices, or ornamental plants inside your home. This is excellent for city dwellers who may not have a yard to call their own. Indoor gardening is also good for the winter in temperate regions while it can also be advisable for the hot and humid summer. One benefit of growing edible herbs indoors is that you are sure that they are insecticide-free. For ornamental plants, you get to enjoy their flowers when they bloom more closely.

LED grow lights are relatively new but is becoming more popular than the older HID or high-intensity discharge lights for a good reason. LED, which stands for light-emitting diode, does not burn a filament unlike other grow lights. It passes light through a series of semiconductors to create their spectrum. Will you have better indoor plants when using LED grow lights? Yes, and you have the following more advantages that you can derive from choosing LED grow lights for your indoor plants.

pepperEnergy Efficiency

It will help if you read on customer reviews. Users of LED grow lights attest that their energy bills have not gone up excessively compared to those using other types of grow lights such as HID lights. This means that your power consumption is much lower and that you are doing your part to lessen the harmful impact of technology on Mother Earth.


Another reason why you can save more money using LED grow lights is that they can last longer than fluorescent bulbs. They can last for 50,000 hours compared to the 10,000 hours life span of HID bulbs. That means that you can only change your LED after having change an HID bulb for five times.

Cooler Temperature

Aside from being energy-efficient and long life span, LED grow lights provide a better environment for you and for your plants with a cooler temperature. This prevents plants from heat burn. It must be not very pleasant to discover one afternoon that the leaves and blooms of your plants are burned.

Suitability for Small Spaces

spicesIn cities where you may not have a wider space to have indoor plants, LED lights can be the better choice. Aside from the cooler temperature, which does not cause heat burn to your plants, it can also support tighter grow areas. This means that you can grow more plants in a small space.

In some countries, households and companies are entitled to rebates when they invest in energy-efficient devices. This could also mean another way of saving on money.