an inflatable for sea

The Qualities to Look for From Inflatable Boats

Inflatable boats have many utilities. You can use it to explore a nearby lake or coastal water, and you can bring along your kids and wife. Not only does the boat function as your gear to enjoy your free time, but it will also serve you as a family-bonding item.

If you’re not married, possessing an inflatable boat is still beneficial. When your friends come around, you can expect to have a beer time with them on the water. It will be your best solution if you feel bored with spending your bro-time indoors.

Without further adieu, here are the qualities to look for before you decide to invest in an inflatable boat:

1. Portability

a deflating inflatable boatThe primary advantage of an inflatable boat is its portability. In fact, we suggest that you buy this model instead of the other boat types due to the fact that you can deflate it right after you use it and store it in your garage. You don’t need to be bothered with docking, boat maintenance, and permits.

The first thing to know is that there are inflatable boats that come with a bag so that when they are deflated, you can easily pack it up.

2. Dynamic Stability

an inflatable boatWe put stability before durability because a boat won’t function well and is even potentially dangerous if its design does not allow stable navigation on water. Moreover, different models suit different purposes. For instance, an air deck inflatable has the most portability for light loads, but once you are reckless with the weight limit, you can put yourself in danger. If you need a boat that can accommodate heavy cargos, then you should go with the rigid slats model.

Another important thing to note is that inflatables with a rigid bottom are more maneuverable on sea water. If you choose to buy a model with an air deck, then you should not use your boat on high tides areas.

3. The Material of the Boat

Inflatable boats are made of either PVC, Hypalon, or Polyurethane. There are also some that use hybrid materials to pursue more durability, and they are usually more expensive than the conventional model. And although you certainly won’t navigate your boat to coral areas, it will still get abrasion from the contact with water alone. Therefore, you need to know the types of coatings of your boat’s bottom. Polyurethane has the strongest resistance against abrasion, followed by CSM/Neoprene, and then PVC.

4. The Price

A good deal of inflatable boat purchase will include oars, bags, a pump, a repair kit, a lifting point, and a carry bag. Different brands have different packages, but it would be better if you avoid buying a boat that does not include any additional items.

Second, please check the secondhand price of your preferred boat. Brands like Intex Mariner, Newport Vessels, and Hydro-Force tend to have a stable used price, and thus it makes them a valuable investment.