Upright Go

How Upright Go Works

Your posture affects your back health, causing you to have back pains and general fatigue. The majority of people suffer from poor posture. However, Upright Go helps you maintain an upright position by vibrating when you slouch, reminding you to sit or stand properly. You will get detailed information on the best device to use, the prices, the essential benefits, and various customer reviews on the gadget.

When buying, look for the key features that make it outstanding, likeUpright Go perfect posture and inconspicuous. The gadget helps you maintain an upright position and ensures that your entire skeleton is perfectly aligned. The device is comfortable to wear, is invisible under clothes, and acts as a proper training and tracking mode.

If you are a newbie and you do not know how to maneuver your way around the gadget. The following is a guideline of how it works:

Get Your Upright Device

Take the first measure on your journey to better health, wellness, and upright posture: by buying an Upright Go device. You can get it from the local stores or online sites.

Install the App

Download the Upright Go app for Android and iOS and sync with your device to start training and tracking daily progress.

Place it on Your Back

Place the Upright Go onto your back using a hypoallergenic adhesive. These recyclable, hypoallergenic strips are made from medical-grade silicone and will not leave marks on the skin. You can get about 3-10 uses per resin as per your skin type. If you run out, you can always buy a new adhesive refill pack. Upright devices are small, discreet, and do not show under most garments.

Get Immediate Posture Feedback

Upright GO has two modes: tracking and training. In training mode, your gadget gently vibrates whenever you slouch. You can adjust the vibration and sensitivity in the app. Tracking mode turns off vibration alerts and records accurate statistics on your posture throughout the day using enhanced, multi-sensor technology. Currently, it is easy to boost your health, focus, and balance by maintaining better body alignment with the Upright Go.

Upright GoForm Healthy Habits Daily

You have the power to improve your wellness and health. Developing a daily routine of posture awareness and correction improves plenty of areas of your life. With the Upright Go, you can create a regular training session that lasts anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. It will help if you put your device into tracking mode and monitor your posture daily. Frequently log in to your statistics page in the Upright App to see all of your posture stats, goals, improvement, and more.